Tips for university fashion students starting out in September 2016

1. You don't need to dress like Kendall Jenner or Anna Wintour every day

Ultimately you are studying, not awaiting the paparazzi so if you want to turn up to your class in leggings and your boyfriends jumper, thats okay, in fact it will be super comfy and practical.

2. Loving Missguided and signing up to their newsletter isn't enough

Even if you hate the clothes at GAP or have never even heard of Uniqlo, you need to broaden your brand knowledge. It isn't just about what you like, it is about what sells and what doesn't... and the product life cycle past the wardrobe.

3. Binge watch the news

Yes, you can do that. Watch news on your mobile, laptop and TV, watch how different people review the news on Youtube and watch global news, everything has an impact on the fashion industry and to succeed you need to be fully aware of the world around you.

4. Reading will be essential

Not just Vogue and ELLE but also textbooks, business files, graphs and a large variety of vlogs. The Business of Fashion is a good starting point

5. Make effective use of your spare time

It is always good to go the extra mile because it is never crowded. So doing your own primary research, putting yourself out there and using your time on the bus to teach yourself a new language or a new subject will pay off in the long run - as tiring as it is.

Also, make contacts for when you have spare weekends or holiday time to do internships and work experience.

6. Question everything

Nothing in life is all rainbows and sunshine and there are dark, nasty sides to the fashion industry that you need to be aware of, do your research in to sustainability and second hand effects of the fashion industry, especially regarding developing countries. 

7. Link your email inbox to your mobile phone

This way you can subscribe to news sites and such like and read them instantly through your phone on the way to lectures. Also, this will more than likely be the main form of communication between you and your lecturers, so if you are running late or they change the lecture room, you will be able to inform each other faster.

8. Managing your money is even more important than they tell you, especially if you are a UK student.

We are living in uncertain times (that is definitely not the first time you've been told that recently) and with tuition fees soaring over £9,000 a year, it is important you keep a grasp on all of your finances. You may not be paying your loan back now, but you will have to one day, it is not free money and in ten years time you won't be able to take back all the fishbowl cocktails and overpriced shoes.

9. Take notes, always

You may think you will remember, but you won't. I have learnt this so much over my first year, taking notes is so important because you just can not remember everything and it is all relevant at some point.

10. Remember to give yourself a break

University is hard, many people over look it as a time for young people to spend lots of money and get drunk, but that is just a stereotype. 
It is hard to keep up a part time job, take out loans, study for your degree and grow as a young adult, so remember to take some time for yourself to do things you enjoy and if you really are feeling ill, missing a lecture once in a while isn't a crime. 

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Jess xx


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