New years resolutions for you and the planet

- Spend More Time Outside. 

Spending time in nature makes you happier, it boosts your immune system, and it even makes you more creative - you can donate to local wild life conservations and charities to keep your outdoor spaces alive.  

- Volunteer.

Set the resolution to do good for others. By volunteering you can learn new skills, meet new people and experience different industries. Volunteering can give you a sense of purpose, increase your self-esteem, and make you happier.

- Get Your Documents In Order. 

There are so many documents to keep up with as an ordinary adult and they can clutter your working space - sort through them this new year and find out how many of them can actually be kept online. Save paper by changing you preferences - that way you can also carry them wherever you are on your phone.

- Learn a New Skill. 

Try something hands on - start making things, it saves money and can change your way of thinking. Of course, you can use old and recycled items which is so environmentally great. The possibilities are endless. 

- Move More. 

Try using public transport more, even if it means a ten minute walk from your house. Walk or cycle to work to reduce your carbon footprint and boost your metabolism!

- Have a day off social media every now and then.

Read a book instead, or clear your mind going for a walk. In fact, review your social media account and mobile applications and try to reduce them - they aren't a necessity and you'll find you have a lot more time and thinking space without them.

- Spend time in the mornings setting yourself up for the day.

Allocate some you time to get ready - that way you will be less stressed and anxious throughout the days tasks- you could exercise, meditate or just read a paper, but you time is important in improving self love and boosting personal goal success. 

- Spread the love.

Whether you spend more time being thankful, donate to charity, pass on some of your old belongings or just offer to motivate a friend daily to achieve their goals -  even a smile goes a long way.

If going vegan isn't for you, just try to cut down your meat/dairy intake instead - it is so so good for the planet and you might actually find its better for your body in the longterm. If you aren't ready to give the 31 day pledge a go just yet, you can always try another month down the line.

- Clear out your living space 

Without replacing unneeded items. Instead, if you feel the need to add something back in try growing your own plants, maybe even vegetables. Be thoughtful in what you throw away and where you donate too.

How to keep motivated? Make a vision board, whether its from magazine cut-outs on your wall or a board on Pinterest - keep referring back to it to stay on top of your goals.

Need to save some money this year? Try the penny challenge.


Happy New Year!!!

Jess xx


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